Bluetooth trackers


This Tile Pro is a lifesaver for those who are prone to losing their valuables in various places. It can help you find keys, bags, and more. It works with a free app that works on both ios and Android to help you find your valuables. Using the tile app, it rings your tile app if it is within 200ft. However, if the tile mate that is stored within your valuable is far away, the app enlists the help of the safe and anonymous tile network to find your tile mate. This device can find your device even when it is on silent which is a lifesaver for many.

This deserves a spot on this list of cute Amazon finds

  • It uses Bluetooth to help locate the device
  • There is a tile app that makes it extremely convenient and easy to use
  • Rings the tile mate when within 200ft
  • Uses Tile network to find a tile mate that is far away

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