Color Changing LED Light Bulb


These WiFi Light Bulbs are voice-controlled are one of the best interesting finds and something that everyone needs in their life. They work with Google Home Assistant voice control, Alexa, and Siri to allow you to control your smart lights from anywhere. These bulbs pair with an app called Magic Home which is available on both iOS and Android. They can be controlled as a group and individually. These lights can be personalized with the 16 million dimmable RGB colors. With the capability of WiFi, these lights can be set to a schedule. They also have a theatre mode, music sync option, scene control feature, and many other options that make it versatile in its use. These lights also have a low energy consumption as compared to traditional bulbs. You also have an option to set these lights on a timer which makes them extremely useful to own.

  • Controlled via WiFi and app called Magic Home
  • They have a low power consumption
  • Have a large variety of features s including theatre mode, music sync, etc.
  • It has 16 million dimmable RGB colors.
  • They can be set to switch on and off on a schedule

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