Face razors


If you are a makeup artist, you may have noticed that the hair on your face prevents you from performing the makeup process smoothly. With these About Face razors, this will be a thing of the past. These razors are perfect for your cheeks, chin and forehead. It grooms and shapes your hair neatly, freeing your face from them in the softest way possible. It can handle fine and thick hair. Using this cleansing brush can also remove all unsightly hairs and dead cells, thereby exfoliating and smoothing the skin, making your face smooth and youthful.



  • It can be used on the cheek, chin, and forehead
  • It is capable of removing and grooming hair
  • They are gentle on your skin
  • It can remove both fine and coarse hair
  • It also exfoliates your skin to make it smooth and youthful

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