Gold Cutlery


Beautiful cutlery is an important aspect of making any place feel like home. The Berglander 20 piece titanium Gold plated cutlery set is made of 20 pieces that include 4 of each, Dinner Spoon, Dinner Fork, Dinner Knife, Tea Spoon, tea fork. This cutlery set is made up of durable stainless steel that is guaranteed not to bend. Furthermore, they are antirust and are designed to provide good grip for adults and children. In addition, each piece is well balanced and has a good grip. The plating on these spoons and forks is high-quality titanium-gold which makes them look timeless and elegant. You can even put them in the dishwasher!

  • This set has 20 pieces
  • The pieces are made up of stainless steel but have a titanium gold plating on them
  • They are well balanced and can be easily held
  • This set is dishwasher safe

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