Heng Balance lamp


The Heng Balance lamp is a high-quality USB powered LED table lamp that is one of those Amazon interesting finds that will awaken the interior designer in you. This innovative magnetic balance lamp is made with a unique magnetic sphere switch. It is a USB powered desk lamp that is a fun and interactive way to brighten your room. To illuminate this lamp, you have to balance the 2 dangling spheres by attaching them using the embedded magnets. This lamp has a versatile and minimalist design that looks sophisticated in any space that you create.

The warm LED glow that it gives off is bright enough to use as a book reading light but is low enough to be used as a night lamp. The USB port allows it to be plugged into a wide variety of outlets and adapters. This lamp also makes for a cool gift for art lovers.

  • It is made using a unique magnetic sphere switch
  • It can be turned on by attaching the 2 dangling spheres
  • The light is low enough to be used as a nightlight and bright enough to use as a book light
  • It is powered through a USB port

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