Hexagon Wall Lights


Looking for something to decorate the wall? These hexagonal LED lights are both practical and stylish. They have a touch sensor that can detect the opening and closing of your body. This fast modular component allows you to decorate your walls in a minimalistic way. You can design them in any way for a personalized gorgeous design. This wall light uses physical touch to turn the light on and off. You can trigger it with your fingers or even your shoulders to emit an environmentally friendly light. In addition, they have a magnetic side and can form a large display with just one click. This multifunctional light is indeed one of the must-have items on Amazon that you must own.

  • They have a touch sensor that detects your body to turn on and off.
  • Give off an environmentally friendly glow
  • They have magnetic sides that just click into place to make a large display.

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