Illuminated Magnifying Compact Mirror


The Wobsion Illuminated Magnifying Compact mirror is unobtrusive and exquisite which can fit in any pack. This excellent smaller mirror has two mirrors with 1X and 10x amplification. This will give gigantic subtleties to you to consummate that eye shadow. The 1X mirror is surrounded by sunshine LED lights to empower you to get a decent gander at yourself even in faint lights. This embellishment is an absolute necessity have so you can apply your cosmetics perfectly.

These are without mutilation with a definitive lighting. It is basically all that you might need in an amplifying minimized mirror.



  • It is hand held and perfect for touch-ups on the go
  • 10X magnification
  • Lightweight
  • The mirrors have a diameter of 3.5 inches and are 0.7 inches thick
  • They come with a glossy finish
  • Seemless design and packaging make it the perfect gift
  • Available in two colour variants (cyan/pink)

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