iPhone Keyboard


This OMOTON keyboard with sliding stand is one of Amazon’s essential products in 2021, and it will make your life easier. It is specifically designed to plug a mobile phone into it. This helps save space. The keyboard has a reasonable QWERTY layout, which contains keys customized for all iPads. It also has a volume control, and you can also use it to control the brightness! In addition, this keyboard is very stable, providing a smooth and quiet typing experience. The keyboard is super compatible because it can be used with a variety of ipads. This also saves energy, which means that if you continue to use them, the battery can last for six months

  • Saves space
  • Has a reasonable QWERTY layout
  • It also has volume control and you can also control the brightness with it
  • this keyboard is very stable and provides a smooth and quiet typing experience
  • It is super compatible
  • Has a long battery life

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