Silicone spoons are the future of cooking as they are heat resistant and soft to the touch. Using this information, the KitchenEGG utensil set was created. It uses premium quality silicone that is food safe. All materials used in making this set are BPA free and nontoxic. Furthermore, they are also heat resistant which means that your utensils will never burn. This set also features a natural wood handle that is made of Acacia. This makes it extremely durable and is made to last. The handles make use of natural insulation to protect your hands while cooking. In addition, the utensils are extremely long-lasting and won’t break for a long long time.

  • The utensils are made from silicone that is pf premium quality
  • The silicone used is BPA and toxin-free
  • These utensils have a natural acacia made wood handle that is made to last
  • This set is extremely durable and will last you a long time

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