Pink Steamer


  • [An easily protable accessory steamer]: Its compact size and lightweight with high capacity of 180ml made this handheld steamer perfect for travel and on-the-go use, easily fit in a suitcase.You can take it anywhere anytime.Business trips, weddings, vacations etc. With a power line of 8 feet long, you can use it conveniently wherever you are.
  • [Safe to use] This clothing steamer’s user friendly features automatically turns off when it is too hot or the water levels are too low.When you take it to Europe – Please use converter from 220v to 110v + adapter (Europe- 220v).
  • [Fast heat up]: Heating up in just 60 seconds, you can enjoy 750mm steam jets that are powerful and consistent for 9-12mins. You never have to worry about being caught unaware with wrinkled clothes!
  • [Wrinkle-free for all fabrics]: The garment steamer can be used on any kind of clothes made of any kind of fabrics; suits, T-shirts, pants, dresses, beddings, table cloth etc. made of wool, silk, cotton, ramie and more! Its versatility is only matched by its ease of use and portability.
  • [Warranty]: 2-year warranty is our honest guaranty!

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