Rocking Baby Bassinet


This Fisher-Price rocking baby potty is a high-quality device that can soothe the most anxious babies to sleep. It has a smooth rocking motion produced by you or your baby. It also has dual-mode lighting, allowing you to choose from soothing projections and night lights. This unit is removable and can be used as a table-top pacifier. It also has 30 minutes of calm vibration, music and sound. In addition, it has an optional locking device to minimize rocking motion. The flat sleeping surface and luxurious overhead mobile devices are perfect for all newborns there.

  • It has a calming sway motion that is generated by either you or your baby
  • Has dual-mode lighting which allows you to choose from a soothing projection and a night light.
  • It also has 30 minutes of calming vibrations, music, and sound.
  • It has an optional lock-out to minimize swaying motion

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