Savvy Infusion Water Bottles


Savvy Infusion Water bottles are one of those Amazon bargain finds that you didn’t even know you needed. These water bottles are designed with a superior and unique handled cap with a silicon seal that screws on tight. This means that it is 100% leak-proof and can handle carbonated drinks as well. These bottles are high quality and are also super easy to clean as they can be put into a dishwasher. It is made from shatterproof material and is the perfect size to fit into cupholders. This bottle allows you to infuse your water to add simple fresh frozen fruits that will help flavor and infuse your water and allow you to hydrate yourself, suppress your appetite, and burn fat. This high-quality bottle is a must-have for a lot of people.

  • Has a unique handled cap with a silicone seal that screws on
  • It is 100% leak proof
  • They are super easy to clean
  • It is made to be shatterproof material
  • They can also easily fit into a cupholder

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