Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner


An excessive amount to type? Stress no more! The Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner is here to save your understudy life.

You can work multiple times quicker with the scanner. This allows you to filter anything from letters in order to images or even pictures and they will in a flash show up on the versatile application or PC programming. You can take them anyplace in any arrangement with no pointless advances. It has a super convenient plan to filter remotely by means of Bluetooth. It is outfitted with a book to-discourse include which empowers it to peruse out the content to you as it examines. You can even make an interpretation of the examined text into 40 dialects.

This certainly scored a simple spot in my best TikTok things you need from Amazon.



  • Fast multilingual OCR text scanning
  • You can scan directly to Microsoft Word as well
  • Powerful in-built battery rechargeable via USB
  • Real-time read out loud feature
  • Supports 40 languages

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