Scratch The World Travel Map


This extra-large scratch map is one of those Amazon bargain items that end up becoming something that you will treasure forever. It has many extra details that can be scratched off. It measures 23 inches in height and 33 inches in width. This map has outlines on the gold coating and details on the map underneath. It also features cities, hills, highest mountains, rivers, state outlines, etc. The map is promised to be delivered crease-free so you can carefully hang it up wherever you want and make plans to travel accordingly. This item makes for a perfect gift for those who love to travel and have the dream of seeing the world.

  • Large 23 by 33 size
  • Has a gold foil covering that can be scratched off. This gold covering also has outlines
  • It has crease-free delivery
  • Has a lot of details like mountains, cities, rivers, etc

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