Star Projector Night Lights


Need to energize your vehicle? These Romantic Star projector night lights are the ideal must-have. They are fueled through a USB link and henceforth can be appended to the vehicle charger, a PC, or even a force bank to make them work immediately. You additionally can pick the example of the projection by turning the top of the star projector till you discover one you like. It can likewise function as an adaptable night light and can make a surrounding temperament in your vehicle. This gadget is little, lightweight, and amazingly simple to utilize which makes it an ideal gadget to help embellish your vehicle.



  • It is powered through a USB cable and can be attached to a car charger, a laptop, or a power bank
  • You have multiple patterns that you can choose from
  • It is flexible and can be used as a night light
  • This device is also small, lightweight, and hence, portable

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