Strawberry Foot Peel Mask


A foot cover isn’t something a great many people consider however it is something everybody should attempt in any event once in their life. This foot veil has exclusive Aloe Vera and Strawberry separates combined as one to permit you to wipe out foot smell and increment the delicate quality of your feet by multiple times. It has amazing and supporting materials that mellow your foot in a moment. This foot cover is equipped for eliminating calluses and broken feet from the most profound layers leaving your skin delicate. It is dermatologically tried and 100% veggie lover. Moreover, it can de-scrub your skin without totally taking the dampness from the skin rather it gives profound hydration that leaves the skin feeling extravagant. The covers are formed like socks that can fit most feet.



  • This foot mask has proprietary Aloe Vera and Strawberry extracts mixed together to allow you to eliminate foot odor
  • It increases the softness by 4 times
  • It is dermatologically tested
  • This mask can remove calluses and cracked feet from the deepest layers leaving your skin soft
  • It is shaped like a sock and can fit most people

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