Swedish Dish Cloths


  • Cotton
  • 🌸 GREEN ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY PACKAGE our package included 12pcs Of Swedish dishcloths + 1pcs of 100% Natural Unbleached Loofah Scrubby. both products are biodegradable, plant-based material for the green environment [7in x 8in]
  • 🌸 SUPER EFFECTIVE CLEANING & ABSORBENCY DISHCLOTHS: Swedish Cleaning Cloths Absorb Liquid Over 15-20 Times Its Own Weight And Can Replace Up To 15-17 Rolls of Paper Towel. It Also Has The Excellent Ability to Lock-In Dust. It Is Great For Cleaning Various Screens, Car Interiors & Exteriors, Spilled Liquid, Countertops, Appliances, Sinks, Windows, Mirrors, Furniture, And Much More. No Need To Have Paper Towels Or Other Cleaning Cloths If You Have Our Top Quality Swedish Cleaning Cloths.
  • 🌸 100% BIODEGRADABLE & COMPOSTABLE, 100% ECO-FRIENDLY CLOTH: Our Swedish Dish Cloths Are Made Of 100% Natural Cellulose and NON-GMO, UNBLEACHED Natural Cotton. It Will Break Down Within 6 Weeks In Home Compost,16 Weeks In A Commercial Landfill By Bacteria Or Other Living Organisms. Making Goods From Nature and Returning It To Nature After Use Is A Great Way To Protect Our Earth! Our Swedish Dish Cloths Are Great For The Environment.
  • 🎁 DURABLE, SUITABLE FOR ALL KITCHEN, HOUSE, AND GIFT! Each Cloth Can Be Continuously Reused For More Than Six Months. The Cute Color And High Quality Of Our Swedish Clothes, And The Natural loofah Dish Sponge Is A Great Idea For Natural and Eco-Friendly Gift Set.
  • ⭐ ABOUT OUR PRODUCT QUALITY We strictly control our product quality. There are many different quality Swedish Cloth market, among which low-quality materials are distributed. WE GUARANTEE THAT OUR SWEDISH CLOTH MATERIAL IS THE TOP QUALITY!! We also offer 100% Free-Return PLUS 1pcs Natural Loofah Dish Scrubby.

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