The Wand Wine Filter


For all the wine sweethearts out there, this wine channel is for you! It reduces the most widely recognized symptoms of drinking wine like migraines, skin flush, clog, headaches and so forth You should simply twirl the wand in your beverage for 3 minutes and arrange off the wand. It does this by eliminating histamines and sulphites from the wine. It likewise reestablishes the open oxidized wine to its regular state. You don’t need to squander any open containers. You can make your wine “smoother” with no adjustment in the flavor!



  • Gets rid of both histamines and sulphites, unlike any other wine filter
  • Purifies all kinds of wines (red/white/sparkling)
  • PureWine uses its own patented Phoenix Purification technology
  • There is no change in the odor or the taste of the wine
  • Will make the wine¬†richer and smoother
  • Compact and disposable with one-time-use

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